Anonymous asked:
magic. I'm just going to pretend you said it was magic.

Oh it was magic you’re right

Anonymous asked:
how do you do makeup like that and not get it in your eye or worry about getting it in your eye

Waterproof eyeliner and I pull the bottom down and put it on the waterline and I learned how to do the top years ago from YouTube. I pull the corner of my eye. Pulling your skin is actually bad but I can’t do it without it.

Anonymous asked:
I'm in love with you. But I can't tell you who I am yet :(

Why not.

I gotta pooooo





But I’m at work and I don’t wanna poo here

You’re not alone. I hate having to do my business at work.

I can do it at one of the houses I work in but not the other haha

I LOVE pooping on the clock because like…I’m getting paid to poop.

Haha true that’s why I always do it at my 2nd shift but the first one there’s always a person like right by the door.